Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Fresh Start

Goodness, Where have I been?? It has been such a long time since I have visited blogspot period.
Life is crazy, yet amazing at the same time! Which there will be blog explaining everything. But right now I am just trying to find my niche, I need to find out who I want to gear my blog towards. I love o write, and I love meeting new people as well, And I know that writing will give me the chance to make new friends!

So, Where ha Ms.Brady been? Well, I have been here! I am now living in Arizona, which I love! But my heart is in Florida. I miss it so much. I am currently working full time, which is a first for me.
I am currently on the weight loss journey. I have been going through a rough patch right now, and I am using this time to not only strengthen my walk with Christ, but I am using this time to revamp myself. I want to feel better about myself, sometimes I dont feel beautiful, and its time for me to get back to the person I was when I first met my husband.

Please excuse my page! Its a work in progress.