24 before 24

24 Before 24

I just love reading Asha's blog! She has some really cool stuff/blog post over there! But one thing that caught my attention was her 24 Before 24 post! So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon once again!
So here we go! I turn 24 July of 2012, so that is little over a year and a half!

1.Visit a different country
2.Be enrolled into nursing school
3.Have a baby
4.Buy our dream home
5.Lose 50-70lbs and keep it off
6.Go skiing or snowboarding
7.Go on a cruise
8.Be more Eco friendly
9.Eat more organic
10. Read the whole bible
11.Renew our vows
12.Learn how to sew
13.Write a song with my husband
14.Get baptized again
15.Read at least 5 novels (0/5)
16.Own a second car
17.Take a yoga class or two
18.Pick up running and maybe do a 5k
19.Learn another language... I prefer Spanish
20.Look for my husbands Brother who was given up for adoption
21.Go camping
22.Attend a breast cancer walk
23.Start a saving account for Ryan(Husbands son)
24.Do Bloomsday