Our Love Story

1/2/2007 Was the day my life changed for the better!

Patrick and I do not have a traditional "How we met" Story, We didn't have a long courtship. For us, things were quick and to the point.
We "met" November of 2006, on Myspace. Yep you read it right, we met on MYSPACE, of all places.
I was the one who actually sent him a friends request on there, ONLY because he had a picture of him and his son as his profile picture and I want to see more of the little guy.
Few days had passed and he finally accepted my request, and a long with it he left me a message saying "Hey baby." LOL he was trying to get fresh already. I wrote him back and said "Baby? My name is Tierra, how are you?"
And then from there we sent a few messages back and forth and then that was it for a few weeks.
Well on Christmas Eve I was really thinking about him, So I got on MS and he was online. I wrote him a message, he wrote me back saying "Hey I was just thinking of you, why dont you call me" He gave me his number... I started FREAKING out. It took me a good 10 minutes before I called him. WhenI called him we talked FOR HOURS, about everything, we talked about our goals, and what we wanted out of life, we talked about God, marriage and children.
We decided to go on a date to see a movie the a couple after Christmas. We decided to see ""Black Christmas"
So. the next day I got dressed and ready for our date, I was early *like always* Finally he came up the escalator , my heart skipped a beat, He was so handsome, and he smelled SO good... I was in love already, We hugged, he bought our tickets. As we were walking to our theater he told me that he is very jumpy when it comes to scary movies! LOL I told him to not worry, I would hold his hand if need be. The movie started and he did that awkward yawn and then stretch his arm over my shoulder thing. Cheesy I know!
Well, after the movie he walked me to my car which was in the parking garage and I was just gonna drive him to his car, since he parked at a parking meter.
The movie ended at 8 i believe, and we stayed and talked in the garage until about 11. It was amazing. I told him to call me as soon as hr got home, he lived in a smaller town about 15-20 mins away from me.
The next day he came to my apartment, from then on we were inseparable which was friday the . I had to go back to school. We were talking on the phone and I told said to him, we should go get married. and he said "Tierra, don't play with me, I would marry you today if I could.
"I said "really?" and he said "Yes I would"
Then I said "Well lets go to the courthouse after school."
And we did. Friday we went to file our paper work and got our license, and on monday we were married.
So after a few short days I became Mrs.B and here we are almost 5 years later still Very much in love.