Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long Time

I dont even remember the last time I wrote in this blog, its probably been since October maybe? That is way to long, And I feel bad becauce I have let my blog followers down. I am stuck in a rutt though, I want to be a good blogger, but I feel like my life is way to boring! I really need to find my niche!

These last 5 months have had a lotof ups and downs, but we are making it through!

  1. In October we found our church home! Its called Love First Christian Fellowship (LFCC.TV). The name of the church suits it perfectly! The people in this church really do excersise love first! You wont EVER walk through the door without getting a hug from someone, its awesome. And our pastor is AMAZING! His vision for the church is awesome! He wants our church to be a one stop shop basically! If you need to see a doctor, come on in because we have a free clinic, if you need to feed your family, come visit our free grocery store. if you need a place to stay, come stay in our shelter, if you need a job, come on in to our office and fill out an application, because i am sure there is an opening some where. Its amazing, when you have a pastor who is so excited about the vision, and is selfless It make you happy to be apart of this ministry!

  2. On the baby front, We have kinda just put it in GODs hands, because we know that we are going to get pregnant this year. We have had several prohecys spoken to us and even to my MIL about the baby. So we have just been thanking GOD in advance for what is to come. Everyday I am praying over my womb, and my son (I have a feeling my first is going to be a boy), i pray that we have a healthy, easy pregnancy with no complications at all. Its crazy because for the past couple of years, if I ever bring up baby stuff to my MIL, she would kind of brush it off, and say thing like, it GODs timing or just stop worrying about it, but a couple weeks ago we were talking about it, and the prohecy she had spoken over her, and she actually gave me some advice, now this might not seem like much to you all, but to me it was amazing. She was just telling me that i need to start preparing my home for what is to come, I need to start buying things here and there. So that is what we have been doing! I have a few outfits already, but I am not going crazy! i can only buy 1 thing, under $10 every paycheck, so thats 2 things a month.

  3. Janurary 2nd we celebrated our 5 year anniversary! CRAZY!!! I cant believe I have been married to my best friend for 5 years now! I am more in love now than I was 5 years ago. Everyday our marrige gets stronger. People always ask us what our secret is, and we tell them, 3 things, We ALWAYS put God first, We pray together daily, and we talk things out. We didnt always know these things, when we first got married I was 18 he was 20. We didnt know ANYTHING, but we worked it out, we have matured, now we are just an old married couple! Ha

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