Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Faith:(N) Reliance, Loyalty, or complete trust in GOD.

In Luke 1:1 Zacherias had an encounter with an angel (Gabriel) who told him that his wife would conceive a son (John) even though both him and his wife Elizabeth were both up in age. Since Zacherias did not believe Gabriel made him mute until John was born. He did not have faith, and did not believe that GOD can do miracles no matter what age you are, no matter how old you are.

Hebrews 11:1-30 talks about all the people who had faith in GOD, and what wonderful things GOD did for them since they has faith. Those scriptures helped me have more faith than ever. Moses, Enoch, Sarah ETC had faith that surpassed all others. Sarah believed, and had faith that she would conceive even though she was up in age. Without faith you wont be blessed. And as I apply this to my life, I am realizing that I have next to little amount of faith about my blessing to come. Its so easy for me to pray and believe for blessing for other people, but what about me?what about what GOD has waiting for me? is it so much for me to believe that GOD is going to bless my womb? I am making an easy task seem like its WAY to hard for God. In Jeremiah32:27 God says "Behold I am Lord, The God of all flesh, is there anything to hard for me?" So is there? NO! Not at all. So here I am saying to God, I am sorry for doubting you, I am sorry for not having the faith I should. I know that one day VERY SOON you will bless my womb and everything else that I am making to big for you will fall into place.


  1. These scriptures speak to me! I need to tell myself this quite often!

  2. Amen T!!! I love it!!! We believe with you for all of your hopes and dreams!! NOTHING is impossible for God!

  3. love this! Just checking in on you...how's everything?