Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let it begin!

Sorry about all these decorating blogs! I am so ready to start! The weather is nice and the season in changing! I think its time to start decorating!
I will be starting with the bathroom!
here is what I would like to get accomplished:
*Pain the walls
*New light fixtures
*Add more storage
*New mirror
*Window treatments
The bigger projects are going to be done later on in the summer which will be:
*New vanity and sink
*new bathtub
*new shower*we have a separate bath tube and shower*
*New laminate flooring
Here are few of the ideas that i have! I love the red pain below! Now if I can only find a match!

1 comment:

  1. I wish we could get a new sink and cabniets underneath in our bathrooms. Its really old really dark wood. But its not pretty wood. Its just flat and ugly. My parents think its a "selling feature" to the house since its real wood (years down the road they will be selling the house so they say lol hopefully not though for our sake) but I hatttttte it. If I could just sand it and paint it black it would look 1000000000x better. But I'm sure they'll NEVER go for it. :( I'm hoping by painting and getting new facuets, lighting fixtures and accessories will help enough.