Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TTC update!

Well, its been forever since I have talked about TTC! We are still trying, but we are just going with the "flow". My cycles are starting to become a little bit normal! So that is a good thing! Hopefully by the summer we will be with child. I just realized that if I dont get pregnant soon, I wont be pregnant with a 2010 baby! I will be having a 2011 baby! You know, I am not gonna go see a fertility dr. We want to try and do this is natural as possible! So, Im gonna keep on losing the weight, and hopefully in the the couple of months I will be sharing with you all my pregnancy announcement!!! I just gotta keep reminding myself that its all in GODS timing! So I am not gonna rush the process, because when it happens it is going to be beautiful, and our child is going to be amazing!!!!

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  1. Thats EXACTLY our plan as well. I really want to loose alot of weight, but I know how long it can take to get pregnant, esspecially with my irregular cycles, SO, we are still "trying" but not like crazy. Good luck!