Saturday, June 5, 2010

Its Amazing

I swear the older I get the less I care about what people say, or think of me! I am proud of who I become, My marriage is solid, I am in love with the most amazing guy ever! My step son is amazing! Here are a few pointers for you all
  • I got married @ 18! I was a young bride and I am proud! I wouldn't change it for the world.
  • I'm 21 and *Gasps* Trying for a baby!
  • 2 years ago we almost got a divorce! But guess what? I serve a GOD who can mend anything.
For those of you who think I am to young to be married or to have a child, its your own opinion! We know we are ready and thats all that matters. We became homeowners at 20, and 22... how many people can say that? My husband has an amazing career, which is why I am able to be a SAHW... I love my life, I love my husband, and I love GOD. If you don't like it you can click the "x" in the top right corner!

God Bless


  1. Wow i didnt know you were 21 i thought you were older than that lol! Now i feel old! - Why did you guys almost get a divorce if you dont mind me asking. I am glad you and patrick are together you seem good for each other.

  2. LOL your only about 11 months older than me! My bday is July 7th!