Friday, June 11, 2010

My Herbal/Supplement regimen

I am in no what shape or form downing people who go see drs. GOD put them here for a reason! My husband and I chose to conceive "Naturally". I don't like being on hormones that could alter my thinking and such! GOD put things like herbs and stuff on this earth to help us as well! So for the last few months I have been doing my research on which supplements to take! So far I have a pretty good reg.
I take:
Liquid prenatal:
Its yummy, and fruity! and we all know the benefits of prenatal vitamins
Known as the female herb, it helps to regulate hormones and should be taken either the entire cycle or the first half from menstruation to ovulation.
Raspberry Leaf Tea:
You may take this herb during the entire cycle as it strengthens the uterine lining, thus helping to lengthen the luteal phase. But do ask your healthcare provider about continuing red raspberry leaf once pregnancy occurs. Usually, it should only be taken in the last trimester of pregnancy, because it “tones” the uterus.

So thats what I take right now, I Order some other things that I will be adding to my regimen
Licorice Extract:
Works like clomid! i am still doing some research on it
Progesterone Cream:
I am also looking at getting some Maca , and The fertility cleanse

Do you ladies have a regimen as well?


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  2. Eating vitamin and mineral rich foods is a fantastic way to compliment your diet especially in a prenatal stage. Including Herbal Supplement daily in your diet will improve the quality of nutrition intake by your body. Good advice….