Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rambling while watching The Grammys

Pink is amazingly beautful!
Anyays! I has been sometime since i have blogged! I am really trying to keep up with this! I love to write. But sometimes I dont have ANYTHING to talk about!
I always think of themes and stuff, but never stick to them!
When my MIL lived in town I ALWAYS had soooo much to write about! My life is kinda boring right now!
Earlier I was thinking about how far GOD has brought my husband and I.
A year ago we were headed for divorce, our house was about to go into foreclosure, AND we were broke!
But what a diffence a year makes!
We started off by making him a priority!
GOD was last on our list!
We bumped him up and started putting our trust and faith in him!
And like that, I got a job *well i was there for a month* and I met my friend. Its so crazy how we met! If you all didnt know, I am a nail tech. and I had found this new salon on CL! I responded to the ad and within a week i had a job. Well, everyone got to try out each service for free! Well, we had 2 estheticians there, and Julie chose Diane to do my facial. And in my eyes that was a DIVINE APPOINTMENT as my pastor would say!
And she invited us to church, and it was a blessing because pastor was looking for an Organ player! Well hubby is an amazing organ player!
Well, its crazy because my husband met this pastor not once but twice before. and My pastor actually wanted Patrick to play for him about a year ago! But my hubsband let other people sway his thoughts. But a Divne appointment!
and here we are 4 months later, and I was able to quit my job and stay home! and my husband gets to work at the church full time! And I get to go to work with him too! I love it!!
And now our marriage is amazing! My husband has done a 180, and I have to! we are able to talk things through without arguing!
And I love my husband more than anything!
GOD has def. blessed us at the end of 2009!
Now I know 2010 is going to be amazing! Im gonna be a mommy! I just know!
I would love to have a 2010 baby, but 2011 will be just fine! I dont care just as long as im pregnant this year!
I tell you, my husband and I have a testimony to tell!
But I dont want to bore you all!!
You all have a GREAT day/night!
God Bless!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how life just seems to fall into place sometimes? Good luck on your path to mommyhood this year! I'll be checkin in to see how you are! ~mymiracles77 (Stress Free Infertility)