Sunday, May 16, 2010

So... I guess Its No then....

I had a LONG talk with my older sister *Who is like my mother* about cloth diapers, and I have come to the conclusion that it will not work into my lifestyle! I know that by having children my life will change alot, but I am a VERY busy person, and Its not going to change when we add to our family.
Let me give you a little break down on our week!
*5-7pm: Youth Worship Practice (Im not on the Youth Worship team but my husband is over the musicians and I help out with the Vocalist)
*7-9Pm: Leadership School (Its our church's bible college, which I know I will have to put on hold once we have a baby, they don't provide childcare
*7-8pm: Once a month we have prayer
*10-11:45 am :Womens Bible Study
*5:30-6:45: Worship Team Practice
*7-8:30ish: Midweek service
Thank GOD child care is provided at each service
*6-6:45 Worship team practice
*7-8:30ish: Midweek service
*5:30-9pm- Worship Team practice
*Day off
*Hubby has students from 9am-7pm
*8-9am pre-service rehearsal
*9am service
*11am service
Then we start our week over again...
For some of you it may not seem like a lot, BUT I am a BUSY SAHW.
During the day I am running Errands for my husband.
Shoot I BARELY have time to clean my house, let alone do laundry....
Okay alot of you may not agree with this, but its NOT cost efficient for me.
I was doing some research, and now they have Chlorine free diapers, which we will use!
I don't have time to be scrubbing stains off the diapers and stuff!
Is this going to make me a bad mom?
No, We have to go with what fits in our lifestyle.
I want to be the best mom I can be, and by me neglecting things like scrubbing crap off diapers and stuff, will make me feel like I am a bad mom. And I know myself, I get unmotivated quick!
But So you all know, I will be a Co-sleeping, Baby wearing, breastfeeding, selective Vaxing, momma!


  1. You have to do what works for you, I know some mamas that do cloth part time, I know some mamas that are all about the disposables. It's whatever works, fits into your schedule and budget. I don't think it makes you a bad mom either way. At least you figured this out now before there was mass panic and cloth diapers everywhere. :-P

  2. Thankfully here in portland we have tideedidee - so they clean them and deliver fresh ones every week. You could always use g-diapers as well.

  3. I have researched all cloth diapers... gdiapers was our diaper of choice. we are just so busy!!

  4. Wow you are busy. You just have to do what fits in your lifestyle.
    Good Luck.

    Happy ICLW!(#64)

  5. you have to do what's best for you & your family ... never mind the opinions of others. you do not have to explain yourself to ANYONE! yours are the only ones that should matter ... to you.
    best of the best to you!

  6. Honestly, I don't think you have to be uber crunchy to be a good mom. We all want to do what is best for our children. You should carry no guilt about anything. If you want to use Pampers, use Pampers. If you want to get vaccines, get vaccines. That's the beauty of parenthood. Don't let others judge you or make you feel like you're anything but the best!


  7. It's important to choose what works for you. And know that you can change your mind at any time (when the baby is a bit older and using fewer nappies), go 50/50 on usage or never think about it again! Your baby, your rules. Happy ICLW!

  8. Thanks ladies! I know a lot of SUPER crunchy moms, and they always seem to have strong opinions about what other moms do!

  9. I started out with sposies and switched to cloth when I finally got my head wrapped around the idea. For awhile I did both. It does take some getting used to, but now only takes an extra few minutes each night when I toss them in the wash. {then again I don't scrub stains!}

    Good for you though to know you wanna at least go chlorine free! Most don't even know it's an option.