Monday, March 8, 2010

Bathroom Renovation:Progess

I am pretty sure you all are TIRED of reading about my bathroom Reno!! But I am so excited! We have been dragging out feet alittle bit though! Well, hubby has! He doesnt want me to do anything without him! so here are a few pictures of the bathroom before!!

This is looking in to our small bathrrom! Behind the door is our stand up shower
The mirror is down now, new mirror will be up after we paint, new vanity next month!!

The previous owners GLUED these hooks on! new curtains will go up next month

After we took the mirror down! So disgusting!!!

They did a CRAPPY job with the blacksplash tile! There are so many gaps


  1. Awesome! (ps Im not tired of you writing blogs about it btw haha)

  2. LOL okay good!! I sont want to bore anyone! I love reading renovation blogs!!

  3. I'm not tired of it either!! Looks good!!

  4. Thank you roxy! I cant wait to show you all the finished poject!