Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Maybe baby??

Well, I am speaking it into existance!! I know that MY God is going to make me a mother!! I have a friend at church, and she calls me all the time, and she is always saying, This month your going to get pregnant! At first i was like yeah, he is... But I am just now recieving it and speaking it! also a few people have been having dreams about me being pregnant! The crazy thing is, they had their dreams in the same week! And my Pastors wife has been having a feeling that I will be getting pregnant here in the NEAR future! I am so excited to see what GOD has in store for my husband and I! I just gotta stay prayerful, stay in my word, and hokd on to his promise! It was funny I was talking to our Pastors daughter who is also pregnant, and she told us to do it the Seth and Brittany way which is doing it every other day! And It worked!! She is now 14 weeks pregnant! GOD is just so good! And sometimes I wonder how people dont believe in him! He has done so much for my husband and I, and it makes me cry, because if you put your trust in him, and if you are committed, he will answer thoise prayers! But you just cant pray until you get what you want! it needs to be a daily thing, you need to be in your word daily, and you need to be in church! I dont want to preach at you all but its what you need to do! GOD will not answer yor prayers or bless you until you are committed and faithful!


  1. I totally agree!! I pray and talk to God every single day...Not just about Infertility and getting pregnant, but EVERYTHING. And I know he will answer my prayers! It's just a matter of when.

  2. :) I remind myself daily and ESPECIALLY over the last 3 years that MY timing is NOT GOD's timing!