Saturday, April 17, 2010

We are getting in the groove of things.

So it has been a whole week since my step son has arrived, and what a week it has been.
Alot of ups, and a whole lot of downs, since i have expressed this to you all. alot has changed. We are a weekend family now, and not because of the talk i had with my husband, which i will let you all know how that went in a few.
Anyways, We had Ryan enrolled at a school 2 blocks from our house, everything was going well until his mom decides to move some place else, and enroll him at a different school. My husband was heated. This lady is unstable, She doesnt know if she is coming or going. Right now Ryan needs to be with us, where there is stablilty and structure. You can see it in his actions. We need to have full custody. He is 6, can't say full sentences, he doesnt understand the simple things. It breaks my heart, and she doesnt care. If he was in our care full time, he would be in speech classes. Its a sad thing.
Now on to my talk with my husband, I let him know how i was feeling, and of course he was upset, but we talked through it, and things are already better. I didnt want to "lose" my husband. Since I have my husband back I am becoming a better "mother". I may be a strict one, but I am realizing that I love it, and I love my step son. I was talking to my MIL, and she kinda made me mad, she was like " I bet you like playing mama". the fact that she said that I am playing mom hurt me. I dont think i am playing mom. Im living it, It may be on weekends, but Its real. And I cannot wait to add more to the mix!
Who is loving this spring weather? I know I am, I have my back door open! such a nice breeze! We have gotten so much done in our backyard! pretty soon we will be able to entertain back there!
Today I went to another baby shower! It was alot of fun! Alot of the women there are already moms, which kinda made me feel like an outcast, but it was okay, alot of the women there were telling me to take note on the things I will need to my baby! this may sound weird, but I cannot wait until I am losing sleep, I cannot wait until I feel my baby moving around inside of me. I cannot wait until I am being called mommy by my children!
All those things will be happening soon! I am claming it!

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  1. I hate people who say stuff like "well you dont have kids so you dont know" or just rude things throwing not having a baby up in your face. Maybe you can try and talk to your sister since she is going to have a stepchild as well so you can have someone to support you thru your struggles. <3